Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Forgotten Treasures

This is only a third of the warehouse my mother and I went to this week. It's shocking to see how much of what we have in society is just dumped and wasted.

There are TONS of beautiful, wonderful items that just need a little soap and water. Instead of buying from big box stores, promise to start recycling and shopping from smaller businesses that benefit from your purchase.

Recycle unwanted treasures.

Keep these things out of landfills!

To view the treasures I hand picked for you from this amazing place - come view my shop on Etsy.


I'll show you how to to see trashed things in a new light. 
Giving you the excitement of wanted to add it to your own home.

Reuse and Recycle!
Stop these places from existing.


  1. Lovely finds! It is sad what we, as humans, leave behind. One mans garbage SHOULD be another mans treasure!

  2. WOW ~ I admire your love of "recycling" our furniture but I don't think I have an eye for finding "treasures" ... or maybe I don't have true vision to see what a dirty nicked/scratched piece of furniture could be... anyway, I will definitely give it a try (again).
    Count it all joy ~~

  3. I don't recycle the furniture yet - although I'd LOVE TO, I just don't have the room for it just yet.

    What I pick through are home interior design and decorating pieces. Storage Items. Trinkets. Treasures. Unique little pieces for your home.